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Classic Upholstery Restoration in Orlando

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Auto Upholstery Katherine specializes in classic care upholstery, using period-specific materials or modern fabrics, depending on your preference. We also build and restore seats for classic motorcycles. Call today for a quote.

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When it comes to classic car restoration, most people tend to focus on elements like engine repair, body restoration, and getting a shiny new paint job. And while of course this maintenance is important, neglecting your upholstery repair or replacement is a major mistake. After all, the quality of your upholstery will play a huge role in ensuring you have comfortable ride.

That’s why you should bring your classic car to a reputable Orlando auto upholstery shop like Auto Upholstery Katherine! With 18 years of experience and cutting-edge equipment, we offer the kind of unparalleled upholstery repair that your investment deserves. Call today for details.

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Classic Upholstery Restoration Orlando
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A Timeless Look

Auto Upholstery Katherine’s team works with an exciting range of materials for our upholstery repairs and restorations, ranging from ultra-classic leather to vinyl and other fabrics specially designed for car interiors. And you can expect the same level of excellence whether you need us to re-cover your seats, repair the carpets or completely redo the trim and finish.

We can even personalize the interiors if you want to completely change your classic car’s look. Call us today to discover the full scope of our services.

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A Look that Never Goes Out of Style

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